First Listen #24: “PaperChase,” “Steelo,” and “Tell Me You Will” by DEViANO

"Funny how they come around when they see the shine."DEViANO, "PaperChase" I’ve probably mentioned a dozen times on thursday email how much respect I have for people with RANGE. All of my favorite artists (Denzel Curry, Childish Gambino, Tyler the Creator, The Weeknd, Pharrell Williams, etc.) have talents that push way past just solely rapping, … Continue reading First Listen #24: “PaperChase,” “Steelo,” and “Tell Me You Will” by DEViANO

First Listen #22: Sephyr Patriq’s ‘Departure 1989’

“If you’re not living in a way that makes you happy, then why are you living?” Sephyr Patriq, "FITAMOLD" I did a lot of research on house music while I was writing my senior thesis (on Chicago hip hop) for my undergraduate degree last year. Without giving you an entire decades-long backstory on the genre's creation, … Continue reading First Listen #22: Sephyr Patriq’s ‘Departure 1989’

First Listen #10: Childish Gambino’s ‘3.15.20’ After promises and promises, here we are to talk about the greatness that is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino aka Earn from Atlanta. I think we all know how talented Donald is. He's a singer, rapper, comedian, screenplay-writer (we canNOT forget about the because the internet screenplay), director, actor, father, and all around fantastic … Continue reading First Listen #10: Childish Gambino’s ‘3.15.20’